>Voices of Reason – Exposed!

>When you make your biggest decisions in life, people will usually respond in one of a few ways.

A) They can passively resist it – by either shrugging off your decision or not saying much about it. They won’t be emotionally invested or responsive. This usually means they do not fully support your decision, but are trying their hardest to be objective. The problem is that most people are unable to seperate their emotions from what is right. Most people cannot see beyond their heart – in some cases this can be good. I find that this is bad in most cases.

B) They can be overly supportive of your decision. This usually means they have no backbone, and are trying their hardest to please you. It can also mean that they don’t want to be labeled as the person that was competetive or jealous, so they go to the other extreme of being elated over the good news; Or it can mean they genuinely agree with you 100%.

C) They can be quite jealous or insecure – This ties in with A, but is a much nastier version. This is not an obvious jealousy or insecurity. It is more of one that stems out of comparison. The person can respond this way: “If something so great is happening for you, why isn’t it happening to me?”

In all three cases, the greatest victim is unfortunately not the person responding – it is the person being responded to. It is the person who has made the decision. It is the person who something miraculous has happened to. There is a purifying process that can take place when you are the one with the good fortune; when you are the one who finally got something to work right! Your response in these situations are critical – You have choices. You can make the miraculous thing that happened to you about yourself – or you can step outside of yourself and realize the greater workings of the One that provided the miracle.

It is true – the people around you can be moronic – in every sense of the word. The people around you can be evil. They can be haters. They can be jealous rats. I would suggest that we still have a calling of some sort to these people. We still have love in us to extend to such people. It is possible – it is possible.

Usually, those who “love” us want to be voices of reason. They find worth in being of use to you. This is not always a bad thing. They can be of good intention. But we all know where our good intentions can lead us. Usually, they want to hear themselves talk. Sometimes, they don’t even believe what they are saying. They just want to have some footing in your life. Be conscious. Not overly conscious. But conscious. Uplift people in all circumstances – even when you don’t feel like it. You can recognize insecurity and still be confident enough to believe that God will fill up all the holes – for yourself and others.

When you receive confirmation that you are called in a certain direction, there will be pulls that come from all over the place. Feel the tension, and keep walking forward. There is a highway worth trekking – Book of Eli Status. Peace, and much love to you – John Baptist!

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